FAG Swiss Proof 40


Does anyone have any further details about the FAG Swiss Proof 40 proofing press? More specifically, I’m trying to find out the approximate weight of the press.

If anyone can help with advice as to the best way to move one of these machines, I’d also be grateful.

Thank you.


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Hi Simon — I’m having a press moved by Patrick Roe at the Fine Book Bindery near Wellingborough. I’m sure he would be able to help move it. http://www.printingtrade.co.uk/

Although I have never moved a FAG press before, I have printed with them. I would imagine that they weigh approximately the same as a similarly-sized Vandercook.

So, if you can find a Vandercook that is similar to your FAG, you can more easily find out approximate weight.



FAG still exists and still builds and sells printing presses, they also sell second-hand proof presses. Get in touch with them, they’ll be able to tell you the weight.


image: Picture 3.png

Picture 3.png

thank you for the responses - i shall look into contacting Patrick, ptreble.

Doug - yes, i think they’re pretty similar - i hear the FAG is a wee bit heavier than, say, a No.4… same principle, though!

Thanks again


Two of my students picked up FAGs. Right now, with the pricing Vandercooks are getting, these are the best deal going. Great presses, far superior to the Vandercook. And the folks at the factory seem to be very accommodating, willing to not only provide manuals but videos of the presses in operation, and anything else you might need. When they refurbish a press, it is actually refurbished.


@Gerald. How much did they pay to get it to the U.S. ?
I imagine that’s the biggest turnoff to get a FAG press.
Actually.. how much is a FAG press?


Actually that is not the biggest turnoff. These are downgraded as ballast so they cost less to ship from Switzerland to LA than from NYC to LA. Pricing still seems to be about $7,500 for the presses. Main problem is electrical conversion, German 3-phase to whatever, about a grand. Not certain about this.

Well, that is at least what I think I know about it from my various sources.


Given the price this last Sp-15 fetched on eBay.. then yes, not a bad deal at all.

Hi, sorry to jump in but just wondered if anyone knows an electrician/engineer who has worked on FAG 104OP Beta proofing presses? I work at the LCC (formerly the London College of Printing) and would love to get this machine working for the new term.
Any advice would be much appreciated.


Tony: how big is that press? Will Basil Head be able to assist?
I did BA Book Arts and Crafts at LCC - grad in ‘06.