Restoring C&P 10x15 NS

Hi -

I am restoring a C&P NS, and in an effort to make things easier in terms of cleaning and painting have done some dis-assembly.

If I were to remove the rocker lock spring, is this terribly difficult to re-compress and install? I would very much like to drop the rocker lock down so that I have better access to the frame interior and the rocker.

Also, I have noticed that the lock cam roller appears to have some slight flat spots and stalls very briefly at times. How critical is this? Should I have a new part machined?

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A)the bolt should belong enough to completely unload the spring.some grease on it when installing won’t hurt. if the bolt is worn badly you will want to replace it. it is made from a hardware store bolt (grade 5 or Grade 8 is better) with more threads cut into it.
B)as long as there is clearance between the rocker, (when the rocker swings) and the gate lock, the roller can be used. when it gets close, a new roller will be needed.

Thanks Eric. Just what I needed.

I wish you were around the block instead of several states away. I can handle this old girl, but the Kluge will be another story. About a third of the way cleaning it up the Kluge and inspecting, then on to getting it running. It is going to be much more of a challenge. But, at least I did find a vibrator/oscillating roller in a box of parts we got with the press!!