Can you have both a motor and treadle on a NS 8x12 C&P?

I have the original motor for my NS 8x12 C&P but it’s not that great. It runs too fast and inconsistent for my taste. So I bought a treadle from Hern Iron Works.
As I was trying to attach it on, I realized that that the motor is attached to the lower crossbar shaft and there’s no room to attach the treadle on as well.
I can’t move the motor in any other position because it’s perfectly aligned with the belt, etc.

I’m fine with taking off the motor completely, I just want to make sure that it’s necessary to do so in order to put on treadle.


I’ve attached images with me pushing the treadle up to the shaft/crossbar and how just doesn’t quite fit.

image: P1010709.jpg


image: P1010710.jpg


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Hi There,

You can have both simultaneously on a C&P 8x12 NS, I’ve had both in the past, motor is still there but not in use at present.

Two things to be aware of:

1. disconnect the belt to the motor when treadling. You don’t want the extra work of treadling the motor too.

2. Given your current motor mount, you can’t have both at the same time. You can mount your motor differently (bolted to the floor behind the press, buy a longer belt) and have both, but with your current config, the motor mount is in the way of the treadle mount.

Hope this helps,


This does help, thank you! It confirms my thoughts on it.