Leveling the Platen NEED HELP

After reading about oh how easy leveling the platen is at http://www.apa-letterpress.com/T%20&%20P%20ARTICLES/Press%20&%20Presswor...

I went out to try it. I made my impressions and now know where my press needs to be adjusted! I then followed the instructions and tried to move the bolts…. Well they didn’t move… Those things might as well be welded together! I tried, my fiance tried my mom tried even my dad. I then gave it one more try hoping that it would be like a pickle jar. Everyone tries and then the smallest and weakest person would final get it open…. well no luck.

So this is what I need help with.
a. Any idea how to get the bolts to move?
(My Dad said WD40..)
b. Anyone really strong that wants to give it a try?
c. Anyone know anyone in Atlanta or surrounding area that fixes presses? That I can hire to level the platen for me.

I really would love to get this fixed soon. So any help would be great!!

Hyde & Seek Letterpress

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No indication what press. If a C&P note another discussion about this problem. Some apparently have adjusters with left hand threads, so when you turn in the direction you think should be loosening it, you are tightening it. Examine the exposed threads carefully. They should be turning away from the nut to the left or right. If to the right that is the direction to turn the nut — if to the left, turn the nut to the left. (see diagram) If there are two nuts on there one is a lock nut and will have to be loosened before the other will turn.


image: bolt threads.jpg

bolt threads.jpg

It is a C&P new style.

After some wd40 on the nuts all are moving but one. Thanks for the thing about the bolts I think the bottom ones are like that. I just went out and played with it and it all makes sense now! I am still worried about leveling it but you only learn by trying.

leveling is pretty easy, make sure you start with a normal packing and only move the bolts a little at a time. dick g.


I’m not a big fan of heating things, although it can work, i’d try penetrating oil, like liquid wrench, let it soak overnight and things should loosen up. Dick G.