Woodtype ID, need your help.

Can anyone help me id these typefaces?
I know one has some other random bits mixed in, but the main typeface shown is what I’d like to know.
Thanks in advance.

image: wIMG_6939.jpg


image: wIMG_6943.jpg


image: wIMG_6944.jpg


image: wIMG_6945.jpg


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I’m somewhat surprised that no one has chimed-in on this yet.

I did not specifically find your first face, but an accurate description might be something like Beveled Gothic Extra Extra Condensed.

Photo #2 is French Clarendon

Photo #3 is Republic Gothic Outline

Photo #4 is Unit Gothic


Thanks, Rick.

I will also make a specimen sheet of each one. Count them and see if I’m missing any character. Mostly I wanted to know the name to be able to catalog them.
Thank you :)