Looking for a press

Hi I’ve been searching for a Boston letterpress and came across one at one point but didn’t buy due to my knowledge about them.

I can safely say I know a lot more information than before and was wondering if anyone had one I would to take it off your hands and give it a lovely home.

Or a Baltimore letterpress.

See my account for email contact.

Thanks, zind

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Hi Zind,

It would be best to let people know where you are located and to take out a ‘wanted’ ad in the classifieds section rather than post in the discussion forum.


Ah cheers Paul didn’t realize you can request a wanted item only sell items.


Paul - Thanks for your help. With now almost 60,000 registered members we depend on the Briar Press community to help keep the the focus on the various sections of the site. For new members, it would be helpful to take a moment to read Need help or advice??

arcadia letterpress - feel free to post in the wanted section of the Letterpress Classifieds. You will reach a broader group of people in the Classifieds.