Painting a Kelsey 5x8 Model U

I am going to strip the old, cracked, faded, stained paint off of my Kelsey 5x8 and give it a new paint job.

What kind of paint should I use?

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I had someone restore a Kelsey for me and he used a RustOleum with a hammered finish, just the kind in the spray cans. He also put a nice coat of primer underneath that. It came out really nice and is holding up great.


I’ll take that into consideration.

Here it is!

image: DSCN4029.JPG


image: DSCN4028.JPG


image: DSCN4027.JPG


image: DSCN4026.JPG


image: DSCN4025.JPG


Classy. I dig it.


Is this spray-can primer and Rustoleum? If so what primer?

Yes it is. I actually didn’t prime it, I just gave it two coats.
The reason being I sandblasted the entire thing prior to painting.

Nice, I’m in the process of restoring a Nolan No.2, might have to hit my Kelsey as well…

What type of media did you use for sandblasting?