C&P 8x12 New Style - Odd Serial Number?

I recently purchased a C&P 8x12 New Style with a serial number of “B5884”.

I’ve looked at a few of the serial number lists, but it seems like the 8x12 New Style presses typically have five digits after the B and mine only has four.

Am I just looking at the lists wrong? Or does this seem strange? Any help would be appreciated.


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Sounds like one of the last of the Old Series presses with a New Series style flywheel. B5527 is the number listed for the last year (1911) of the OS presses. and B50000
to B50200 are the numbers from the 1912 NS list. I found both on the Green Dolphin Press web site: http://www.greendolphinpress.com/letterpress-faq.html#3.04.

I have heard of such transitional presses, but have never seen one.

Could you post a photo? It would be interesting to see if the frame is beefed up like the NS or retains the OS frame. Also of interest is the difference in size of the fly wheel and the engineering behind it.

Attached are a few photos… I can take more if needed.

Not that it matters much, but the press has a belt and motor which are not attached in this picture. Also, here the rollers are removed.

Thanks for the help!

image: press2.jpg

image: press1.jpg