Removing Gripper arm

How do you remove the gripper arm from a heidelberg 10x15? I removed the 2 screw and bolts and the screw(?) nd bolt from the bit which opens the gripper. Tried removing it but its stuck solid. is there a fourth screw somewere or a knack? I dont want to put much force on it before I ask around incase i brake something. Tried the manual but couldnt see any instructions.


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The two screws and the bolt that opens the gripper is all that holds it, sometimes they fit very tight and you have to lightly tap it out.

Okay. But how did you put the new one on? I’m trying to install 2 new ones. But I can’t get them into the carrier. How did you do it?

sorry to upstage anyone but once ubolted and dis connected from the opening cam arm you have to slide the gripper off this due to the fact that the arm or gripper is chamferred to aid precision location .if you dont know the word chamferred think dovetailed. Regards. cutting and creasing services brighton sussex .united kingdom

you should not need to take a hammer to it !!!!!!!!!!!!!