I will be using the 2nd bedroom in a residential apartment building as my studio. I love the clinking sound my press makes (6.5 x 10 C&P tabletop) but I’m not sure my neighbors will. Thought about putting up soundproofing fabric or foam for when I work. Have those of you who work within your home (with neighbors in close proximity) tried something like this before? Any suggestions are welcome!

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If you’re in a relatively modern apartment building with the neighbors on the side rather than above or below, the code-required fire wall between units should be masonry which won’t transmit much sound. And the press doesn’t make all that much noise. One way to reduce the transmitted sound would be to put a firm foam pad under the press, on the table, to deaden the sound being transmitted through the table structure. If there are people below you they’ll appreciate it!


Put cloth tape over the ink disk advance lever. That will get rid of some of that slot machine payout sound.

Thank you both. Actually no one below me but to the one side and I hear THEM all the time (even though it’s a very cool, older building that was once a factory).

Jeff, that’s exactly where the sound is coming from. Discovered that as I kept pulling the lever over and over again. Thanks for the suggestion! I will try it.

It just so happens that I opened my box car base shipment about 1/2 hour ago and the packaging had the cloth tape….just tried it and it works like a charm. Thanks again!