Hammond Franklin Trim-O-Saw Tool Board + mystery part

Here’s a photo of the tool board that came with my Hammond Ben Franklin Trim-O-Saw. The extension finger on my board is a 60-pica model, possibly a custom order from the original owner.
What puzzles me is this little cubic mystery part with the spring clip on the side. It came with the board, but I’m not altogether certain that it even belongs to the saw…
The part is approx 1 1/8” square by 3/4” thick.

Any insight appreciated. Thank you.

image: IMG_0137.72.jpg


image: IMG_0144-146.72.jpg


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Looks like something that clips on a galley on a linotype to hold the slugs. Dick G.

It could have been used to push material towards the saw so as not to cut ones fingers off???

I believe that it is a Linotype or Intertype part, but not the clip for the galley as Dick suggests (that was usually larger). Rather, this would seem to be a “Pi Stacker Block.” In a Linotype or Intertype, matrices which are not intended to distribute into any of the channels of the magazine (thus, stretching the definition of the term, “pi matrices” - for special symbols and other characters) run through the entire distributor mechanism and come out on the right side of the machine. They then fall down a chute (the pi chute, of course) and are collected on a little shelf to the right of the operator. The Pi Stacker Block (or Pi Stacker Friction Block) may be adjusted along this shelf to support them. There were many minor variations, of course. I’ve attached scans of them in use from relatively late Linotype and Intertype parts catalogs. Yours would seem to be closer to the Intertype version. They were also made by third-party manufacturers.

Congratulations! You now have your first Intertype or Linotype part. Now all you need to do is get the rest of the machine to complete it.

David M. MacMillan

image: pi-stacker-block-intertype.jpg


image: pi-stacker-block-linotype.jpg


My goodness, a pi stacker block, who would have thought. Thanks so much for the comprehensive info, especially the photos, worth 1000 words each I’m sure. I wonder if Don Black will make me an offer on this little beauty! :) This one will go in my museum display case along with your photos David, thank you!
Please check your “@lemur.com” email for a few more words.Tx.