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I have a reliance paper cutter just like the one in the Briar Press Museum. It is in perfect condition and actually has extra blades. I have been trying to find a fair value for this machine. Can anyone help???

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American Type Founders Desk Book, p. 932, (1899) shows three sizes of Reliance cutters. 23, 25 and 28 inch. Back then they sold for: $90, $110 and $135.

Well, my CPI calculator only goes back to 1913. If the items were still offered then at the same prices, the price in today’s dollars would be $2059.50, $2,517.17, and $3,089.25.


You didn’t really expect a straight answer, did you tri45678?

What size of cutter is this? Prime values seem to be for machines under 25”, and especially under 22” if the cutter is light and mobile (table top).

Ahh, but the usual rules of location, location, location comes into play. You’ll get a far higher value in the East than you would in North Dakota or some such. Still all things aside, the cutter, if in clean, working condition may fetch from 300-500 dollars, more if you’re in a letterpress hotspot, less elsewhere.

The obvious caveats of ease of removal apply, with best values being for ground floor, no disassembly removal and locations requiring additional work driving values down accordingly.

If you can get more, great, but cutters, especially some of the older designs, may not bring in the price you expect.

jeffhowardmeade and tri45678:
We give straight answers to straight questions:
“What size is this Reliance cutter?”

I would think the earlier arched top models would bring a mite more for their visual appeal.

I wonder if the guys listing theirs at 900 to 1400 USD are actually getting it.

The other factor (aside from the unanswered size issue) is that this cutter cannot be used in a commercial shop because there are no safety features making it non-compliant to OSHA standards.