Tomorrow I’ll be moving my SP-15, my No. 4, and my No. 03 to my new place. Please wish me lots of luck and send me good energy/vibes/thoughts!
I trust everything will go smoothly.



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Ok. I won’t tell the whole story to not bore you but very shortly:

SP-15 moved by the sellers, no hassle, 30 min. job. 2 men needed.

No. 4 moved by printing equipment sellers. From a metal shop to my studio. Big big hassle, no moving equipment or tools whatsoever, except some pipes and pieces of wood.
Many times the machine almost fell on it’s side. Had to do a lot of the work with them, but it made it to my studio in one piece. Oh, and it took us 5 hours more or less. 4 men needed.

No.03, 10 min. job with four men.

Look at the photos and judge by yourself.

* I wanted to post all the photos here, but they are about 20, so I will just post one and you can enjoy the rest of my nightmare flickr set here:

image: IMG_7334.jpg


Wow, looks like you had an adventure! Hope you factored the cop’s take into the cost of the move:-)Thanks for posting the flikr stream - a great narrative of the trek. The building that the equipment has moved to looks beautiful. What a nice home for these machines. Good luck!