Australian Letterpressers - tympan suppliers/alternatives?

Hello Aussie Letterpressers,

I am about to run out of oiled tympan that I bought online at NA Graphics earlier this year. I put in a new order about 4 weeks ago, but I haven’t heard from them and really need it!

Does anyone have an alternative that they have used successfully? Better still, has anyone stumbled across an Australian distributor? MES doesn’t have it, nor does Neil’s Art.

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Butcher paper will work. It is not quite as heavy as the traditional oiled kraft tympan paper. See your local butcher and buy a few feet. Try it and then find out where the butcher purchases his and buy a roll. You may never go back to the traditional tympan paper.

I have found a thickish Mylar to be better than the traditional tympan manilla. You’d probably get this from most art shops. If your in Melbourne I would think either MES or Neil’s would have it.
You can then add whatever packing you want under it for make ready and adjusting the impression

Thanks guys - I’m at MES today anyway so I’ll try Mylar, then stop in at the butcher on the way home!

Quick update: my butcher didn’t use traditional butcher paper so I haven’t tried that. But Mylar has officially changed my life!

Hi. Saw your request for Tympan paper supplier in Aussie land. Did you find a source???? you email me at [email protected]

in NZ I have about 50 metres of genuine tympan paper on a role 4 ft wide. Will last beyond my lifetime. What is your specific need by size and I will reward you with some for the cost of the postage.

Tony King