100% cotton paper

I am looking for the appropriate papers for letterpress, and especially 100% cotton papers. Could you please advise and give me an idea where to buy them. I am a printer and i have a windmill machine, Heildeberg

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My personal favorite is the Reich Savoy.

The surface is a bit less prone to getting dirty than Lettra. For a business card carried in your wallet that makes a real difference!

Also check out:

Daniel Morris
The Arm Letterpress
Brooklyn, NY

On a routine basis, Rives Heavyweight always seems to save the day. There are a lot of great papers out there, but mostly they are imported mouldmades. And they are a bit more expensive than domestic machine made papers.

My current all around favorite is Somerset Vellum.

But I use Vandercooks, platens do not respond as cylinders might.


Thank you very much for your answers,

I live in Greece and the only paper I manage to find is “conqueror -connaiseur”. Do you know this paper?
It is the first time I will use a 100% cotton paper. I would like to have some other options but I am still trying to find the way to order.