How to make Digital Proofs??

Hey Everybody,

What program do you all use to make digital proofs for clients? I have seen a lot of printers giving proofs that have all of the components (invite, rsvp, envelope, etc etc) all layed out on one sheet, with a pretty background and sometimes a drop shadow. Is this done manually in photoshop or something, or is there a program that does this for you?


image: digitalproofexample.jpg


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Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign. Whatever works for you.

So, you are doing it manually then in those programs?


You could find ways to make it easy and repeatable if you work in a uniform manner. Like if you’re laying out invitations in an A7 document, you can have a template with the die-lines and background and every time you have a new layout, just update the links to PDFs of the new artwork.

I think that is the key Widmark. I want to showcase some of the invite suites I have designed, but have yet to press. The first time I make one of these layouts I think it will take me as long as it did to design the suite, but after that it should get easier. I am thinking of making a window of sorts for the invites, rsvp etc that opens to the back layer, and then sliding in the images under that.