C&P serial list

Does anyone happen to know if the given serial numbers on the C&P list refer to first in the series for that year or the last in the series for that year.

Thank you

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No. But it widely believed that the number is the first for a given year. There is some evidence for this in transitional presses such as an OS press with NS flywheel and a serial number placing it in the last year of OS presses. There was a discussion of this a few months ago, I think.

Which list is supposedly THE list?

I found at least two in my searches, that gave conflicting dates for my press.

Since the earliest years in each column have serials with nearly round numbers, I would assume it is the first number for the year. Just a educated guess though, as I wasn’t around in 1884 nor for near another 90 years.

I’m referencing this list here.

I am not taking this what is on this webpage as gospel


but the passage:

In 1884 the partners introduced their famous jobber in two sizes –7xll and 10xl5 and by year’s end over 300 presses had been built. Subsequently the press was built in 8xl2, 14x20, 14.5x22 sizes.

suggests that the numbers on the list are the last serial for the year…just food for thought