Gift for Father

I am hoping someone can help. My dad’s father was a printer-working on a Letterpress machine in the 30’s. My dad fondly remembers having his dad make “slugs” for him with his initials.
I would love to purchase something like this for him, but I am not sure what it is exactly.
I see lead Foundry letters on ebay, but is that what he is referring to?
Thanks for any help!

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Sorry, he used a linotype machine…!

The slug is a thin piece of lead with type set on the edge, a google image search of “Linotype slug” will show you what one looks like.
On this site in the Yellow Page under printers/publishers are linotype typesetters that offer their services.
Sounds like a nice gift

Thanks so much!

He also might have had them done by a Ludlow casting machine that would have done the initiales in a larger more veiwable format. There are many different type styles and sizes so you might want to ask him a few more questions before purchasing a slug line.

Where are you located?

Last time I visited Don Black Linecasting in Scarborough Ontario, I had him make me a slug of type for about $3.

It was set in 12pt Times New Roman. I didn’t ask about any other type faces but I know he has countless matrices for his Linotype.

Give their shop a call and he may make you up a slug and mail it to you for the right price.

- Andrew