C&P old style vs new style

What are everyone’s thoughts on old style vs new style? I currently have an 8x12 new style c&p and may step up to a 10x15 old style. Im only hesitant because its old style (and I have only room for one press..)

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Aside from the possibility that the older press could have more wear or broken and repaired parts, IMO there is not a lot of difference except for the aesthetics of the curved spokes.


“New style” C&P presses have heavier castings, and weigh a bit more - but a 10x15 OS is heftier than an 8x12 NS.

Prettier, too…

I would go with the bigger OS too. I think I have heard that if you are comparing same size presses, NS to OS that the NS is stronger, but I would think with the larger press you would get a lot more oomph even though it is older. I also think the OS’s are so much prettier. :) If you are doing invites, maybe you could gang up a invite and rsvp card and save a lot of time too :)

If you want to move up, then look for a NS 10x15, it is just a stronger press. The old styles are cool, but if you want to do some printing with squeeze stick with a NS 10x15.

If you want to move up, then look for a NS 10x15, it is just a stronger press. The old styles are cool, but if you want to do some printing with squeeze stick with a NS 10x15.

Are New Series Chandler & Price presses lower than Old series??
I was told some time ago that when Chandler & Price put out their New Series presses they made them heavier and stronger; also that they made them somewhat lower than the Old Series, so that girls, mainly in the Government Printing Office could run them without standing on platforms. Is this true? Was this ever documented somewhere?

I’ve seen them side-by-side, and they are the same height.

i’ve seen lots of them side by side and girls are all different heights.

New series presses are lower than old series presses. I don’t know about the girls in the GPO.

Thank you, John.
The girls in the GPO probably are of the normal national average height, but I think this topic deserves further study and investigation. I should have a very detailed report on this soon.
Meanwhile about the height of the NS and OS. I remember adapting an OS treadle on a NS press. Had to raise the NS on another 2x4 to keep the treadle from bottoming out.
Now, meanwhile, meanwhile, as soon as I find my tape measure, I’m returning back to my research and study!

So in other words, yes a new style is beefer (which I like). But old styles are strong and useful as well… And im gonna need something stand on… HA
Ive been looking for a ns 10x15, nothing yet..
As far as the prettier discussion, I dont know that I agree, I like the straight spokes too!

OS 10x15, has been refinished (an odd color) and seems in good condition, the platen wont budge when you try to wiggle it.. Hasn’t been run in over 20 years before that I am not sure.
Has okay rollers on it, sounds quite when run by hand. Any thing else I should be looking at?

Look for any repaired breaks in the frame and heavy damage to the platen. If you feel comfortable with some heavy lifting, you could remove the side arms (only one at a time) and look for heavy scoring on the shafts, an indicator of poor oiling by previous owner(s). Same with the boxes holding the platen in place…remove one and look for scoring on the shaft and replace, then look at the other side.

None of these are necessarily deal breakers, depending on how the press behaves. My 8x12 OS came out of a local school and was not well oiled all of its life and has some deep scores on the platen shaft. Still works fine.

If it runs quietly, though you’re not likely to find anything major. If the price is reasonable, I’d go with the OS 10x15 and get printing. If a NS shows up later, you can always switch or add a second press. In the meantime, you’re printing instead of waiting.

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I’m a bit of an adherent to the function over form line of thinking. In my opinion (which, being freely given is worth exactly nothing…) the New Series is a superior press. When the New Series was released in the early 1900’s the advertising indicated that they had evaluated the usage of presses by customers and the New Series was a response to existing problems of strength in large forms and die-cutting. The New Series was built lower to the ground for more stability and was built with a stronger frame. Today, for hobby printers, that strength is theoretical, but for my money, aesthetics aside, the New Series is a superior press.

From the C&P add that I have in the back of my 1915 ATF specimen book, the NS was indeed an update that addressed some of the issues of what became the Old Series. The New Series was made to have a somewhat lower profile, and used some steel hardware, replacing some of the original iron, probably the major stress-bearing shafts. I think the main frame, bull gear, journals, ink disc, bed, flywheel, drive pulley, lever(s) and platen are still iron. As is the motor-mount casting. Don’t know that for certain, however.

Well im hoping I love my “new” old style, as I will have to soon sell my new style…. not enough room for both! And the moving of the was not something I can get anyone to help me with again…

I’ve had old style 10x15 presses for 50 years and never had a problem with them, they are my favorite hand fed press.