C&P Delivery and Feed Boards

I am in the process of restoring and 10x15 NS. Wanted to pass on that there is a family owned woodworking shop here in Houston which replicated our feed and delivery boards based upon the originals. They did a wonderful job. Under $70 for both unfinished but finish sanded - I would imagine I could have had them finish them for the same price.


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I may be interested. Especially if they’re finished for the same price. Any photos and additional details would be appreciated (type of wood, etc).

Do the feed tables come with the swivel brackettes?

Probably not, but if you go to your local hardware store’s plumbing section and get two 3/4 inch pipe flanges and a 3/4 inch short pipe nipple you can make your own. It will raise the swiveling feed board about 1-1/2 inches above the delivery board. Shouldn’t cost more than five dollars.


No, it does not include the fork bracket for the feed table. Just the wood components. We are also going to tap/pilot drill them ourselves and would suggest others do the same. It seems that there is a fair amount of variance from press to press.

They made ours out of maple which is what the originals were made of. We intend to just keep the natural wood finish (no stain) and a few coats of polyurethane. From what we can tell, our originals were unstained as well.

We have also located reasonably priced replacement oil cups for the press from here:


There were some other online sources, but you either need to order in quantity or minimum orders applied.. or cheapo Chinese junk. We are trying to be true to the original press parts - so this mattered to us.

Candidly, the wood delivery and feed boards can be replicated by a first year wood shop student if you have the right tools such as a planer and drum sander. You certainly do not need to be a cabinet maker, we just didn’t have the tools and thought that this local shop did a great job for what we paid. However, I would certainly want to talk through shipping and packaging. Hopefully, you could persuade them to do a “Phil Ambrosi” style packaging job to ensure safe arrival and no scaring compliments of USPS or UPS.

If someone decided to use them I would be willing to take my originals back to them so they can use them as a pattern again.