Cleaners for Polymer Plates and Rollers

Problem, Using White Spirits on polymer plates makes them disintigrate within the hour, even after wiping dry quickly after applying. Cant Imagine it’s doing the rollers much good either.

I’ve heard a lot about California Wash but can’t see it’s available in the UK. Can anyone suggest something which will keep my rollers and polymer plates in clean and healthy nick.


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We use this Lincoln Wash:

Good on plates and rollers.

I use Lincoln Wash as well - I don’t use polymer plates (yet) but it is good on the rollers here as well. Hawthorn also sell citri-wash: which I find is good with some inks, a bit useless with others.

I use veggie oil and simple green after to degrease

As do I DancingPen, a friend turned me on to it.
I tend to use petro based solvents and such but even when working on machinery the veggie oil/degreaser takes it all off!