I have a few very strange questions. I am working at creating a small etching press for woodblocks and some other etching. I have built one press and am thinking about building another. The problem is that, to make rollers is very expensive. I was wondering how hard it is to remove the rubber from used roller cores and how tightly the cores are machined. The other question i was wondering is how hard would it be to track down some used roller cores about 12 inches long with a core of an inch and a half or so. This may be more difficult than I imagine so it may be better to just have some rollers machined but i figured it might be worth a shot.

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I have a used c&p 8x12 core and covering. The core is 17.75 long and .375 diameter. The covering is glue glycerin (composition) 1.500 diameter and 13.25 long.