V36 Vertical Meihle Transfer

We replaced a very worn transfer table plate (part # 22144) about 18 months ago. As a direct result of the cylinder packing rubbing on the underside, it had become so worn on the edge you could have shaved with it - particularly on the right(far side). Now the second one has worn similarly. There appears no way in which it can be adjusted other than bending the edge, but then you may have feed problems.According to Beales it is a common design fault.
Has anyone come up with a solution?
While we’re about it does anyone know what the ‘sheet guard stop ( #22321) actually does since a 17” wide sheet comes nowhere near it?

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A sharp feed table edge seems to be the nature of Miehle Verticals, but make sure the cylinder packing plus top sheet is around .050” total depending on the thickness of the stock being fed. Over packing the cylinder may add to the sharpness problem. These edges can give a nasty cut.

My V-50 has the same worn area. Seems to be nature of the beast.