moving my press

i’m moving my chandler and price press 8 x 12 soon. and i didn’t know if anyone had any advice for securing it. i removed the ink plate and rollers, but wanted advice on how to secure it.

any advice will help. thanks

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Hopefully, it’s already on skids, or better yet, a pallet. Pallet jacks make moving this press over a flat hard surface very easy. Use webbing straps to secure the press in the shut position - just wrap them around the big heavy parts that move. If there is a tightening ratchet involved, so much the better. Oh, and remember - these guys are really top heavy.

You can use an engine hoist and straps to hoist it or even metal rods under the skids to roll it..

I just moved a 10x15. Here are the details on how to do it: