Please help identifying this part on my C&P 10x15 NS

Hi everyone. I am new here and recently purchased a C&P 10x15 NS and need help identifying a few parts that I can not find any information about. The press is fully functional and runs beautifully. On the right side of the frame below the feed table is a arm that moves up and down when the press is in operation and has a loose spring that is dangling down right now and I do not know where it attaches. In front of it is another piece that I do not know its function. Please see the photographs. Below the cam wheel on the right side is another part that is missing something and I am not sure of its function or what could be missing. I have looked over the C&P component list and chart and various other photos on the internet and have not seen a press with this as of yet. I am sure that it is something pretty common and I am just ignorant. If anyone can direct me in the right place, as this may of already been a topic of discussion, or help me identify this on this post that would be wonderful. I thank you…Rob Beckstrom

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Could these be parts of an automatic feeder?
They don’t look like anything native to a C&P that is hand fed.
I have absolutely no experience with an automatic feeder, so I’m guessing.
If they are, and you are using the press as a hand fed press, you could presumably remove all of these parts.
I’m guessing. Wait for confirmation here.


looks like someone removed an automatic feeder to make the press hand fed, my guess would be a kluge feeder.

these are all parts having to do with a kluge auto feeder. you are missing many parts to make this work again.
pic 1 is the air/vacuum release valve for the delivery.
pic 2 is where the spring and rod go. the arm with bearing is the cam follower for the delivery.
pic 3 is again the air/vacuum release for the delivery.
pic 4 is the shaft where the cam follower arms mount to operate the feeder head. the springs are missing also for these.

Thank you! No desire for an auto feeder, relieved that they are nothing of that great importance, at least for me.