Parts fo a C&P Pilot Press

Am in need of the left and right feed table bracket for a C&P Pilot press. Anyone know who might have such a thing? Thanks, Mika

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Sold on Ebay…by letterpreservation

Item #260785098869
Letterpress NewStyle C&P Pilot Press feed table bracket
Returns: Accepted within 7 days
Time left:28d 19h 34m Buy It Now $199.00
We purchased a pair…perfect.

T & T Press Restoration

Did you find a Pilot in rural Alabama too?

Yep. Turned out that the seller had forgotten he had it. So today I found a C&P Pilot with both feed board brackets gone and no feed board, a nice turquoise aluminum Craftsman with no feed board and a 5x8 Kelsey Excelsior. Then drove an hour east and picked up two of the newer 5x8 Kelseys. All the chases were accounted for……. Also include were about 20 drawers of type and a ton of assorted goodies.
Just when I was beginning to think that there were NO table tops in my area…… photos to come…….. I spent $200 for it all…… a bit of rust to contend with but I can deal with that.

Thanks for the ebay source for the brackets!!

You will love the aluminum Craftsman Superior if you ever want to haul it to a new location.