Apple is now selling custom Letterpress cards

Has anyone else heard of this, or seen one in person?
Apple is now selling what they claim is a customized letterpress card. I would be interested to know if this really does “uses centuries-old printing method that presses a design and ink into the card for a unique look and texture”. Has anyone seen one of these in person?

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As far as I can tell it is digital print-on-demand on letterpress-printed blanks.

There’s nothing ‘custom’ about the letterpress.


You know whats annoying is that in photography, my native field, photographers could compete with stay at home moms (the killer of the pro shop) because it took skill to operate a film camera, so when digital came along, ease shot this distinction apart. So the photographer goes to press printed products, now press printed stuff is available to anyone via software and cheap labs……….SO

I am getting into letterpress because I thought, well, it takes some skill, cost of machinery, not too many people are doing it compared to the multiplying rabbits er, photographers today…….NOW

Apple, sigh, thanks, the poison of low rate competition via iPhoto is now spreading through letterpress ranks.

Wonder how long it will be till Sams, Walmart and Target will start price undercutting us with their letterpress stuff, that a consumer world will eat up?

This special offer from Apple came out last year when the iPad was introduced. The letterpress blanks were done by a very high end letterpress shop in Oakland. Each customer can customize the text. Not too much different from local printers every where who cut prices to get business nor online business card printers who do the same.

Still good for letterpress printers. This is a great way to show people that they should order some letterpress printing from local letterpress shops.