Letterpress in Cartoons

Here is a classic Woody the Woodpecker “Hot Noon”, at the 4:43 mark you will see Woody printing on an Old Style Platen!

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Thanks, Dennis! Very astute of you to notice the one-second shot of the press. The cartoon was made in 1953, and I’m sure I must have seen it at the time. So clever, and so much of it must have gone over my five-year-old head! I’m amazed that, with all of the sex, booze, and violence, I turned out okay. :-)


Not a press in a cartoon, but a somewhat related story:
“The Katzenjammer Kids” created by Rudolph Dirks and drawn by Harold H. Kneer tor 37 years, 1912 thru 1949, with re-runs going on for years, once had a strip that showed the ‘KIDS’ singing a tune that went something like this: “She was Only a Printer’s Daughter, so They Called Her Add-A-Line.”
I suggested the name Adeline for the second of our three children, the other being boys. When my wife found the comic strip on the bulletin board she was, to say the least, furious. How could I even THINK to name OUR daughter that? Born in 1958, our daughter was named Jacqueline. During a brief stint at computer typesetting in the 70’s, she used the name of ‘Adeline Graphics’ but we don’t hear that name too often now!
As Paul Harvey would say: “and now you know the rest of the story!”