repair in houston

I recently moved to Houston and in the process the movers broke part of the fly wheel unsure of how severe right now, but didn’t know if anyone knew of someone who could repair a c&p press in the Houston area. desperately need help! thanks

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Depending on what part was broken and whether you run the press fast or slow, brazing should be a possible repair. If the hub was broken from the spokes or something like that, it may be hard to get it to run true again after the repair.


thanks bob. from what the movers have told me it’s the flywheel from the spokes, but i don’t know what it looks like for myself until sunday.

Welcome to Houston! I live in Houston (well a little NW in Cypress) and also own a C&P. Moved here from RI exactly 1 year ago - guess I am officially a Texan now :) (or a damn Yankee depending on who you talk to…)

What press, and what size press? John Horn in Little Rock had a discussion on here some time ago with someone needing a flywheel, but I don’t know if he sold the ones he had pulled off of old presses. I have one also, but it’s rusted onto a Golding press and might not fit your C&P. Your best bet is to find an undamaged flywheel and replace the broken one — shipping mine from Virginia would probably be cheaper than having that one repaired if repair is even possible.


yeah, i’m worried about repairing it and it not being the same. the movers had said if they can’t repair it they’d replace it. i’ll keep that in mind.

Do you have all the parts?
If so, a macine shop might be able bolt the parts together.
The good thing is you moved to Houston. If you talked to shop that work with metal, one of them will know a person that can help you.

Also, if you get it running and need some Linotype slugs I know a person that set your work for you.

Be sure if the movers try to get it repaired that it spins true on the press — it is not repaired satisfactorily if it does not. Convince them that it would be cheaper for them to find and buy you a replacement flywheel in good condition.