Just a few lines

I guess the few of us that still have working Linotype/Intertypes/Ludlows miss the boat.

I was thinking that many new letterpress people would be glad to have some set a few lines for them. Yes, with the computer these days you can have the world. But, you would think that a few printers would like to still print from a Linotype or Ludlow slug. The cost of a base for mounting a lot and having someone make a cast from computer art is not cheap.

I guess I miss understood that people love letterpress print, just not in love with the old way of setting type.

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Aaron, there are quite a few type casting machines around, check Dave Seats site, he has pictures of machines and the old guys that run them.

I have a Photopolymer plate maker but would make room for a electric Ludlow in a minute if my budget would allow.

I have both. Ludlow and Polymer plate maker, what you miss to understand is the designs one receives for printing:

Faces not available in Metal and designs etc. I cast whenever I can, but there is a Limit what you can do.

Thank you everyone.
I guess as a old person I miss the days of working with my hands.
I pick up so many printed items done by unskilled people on the computer that upsets me.
They have no idea of style, why some type faces go together, why you not do set script type in all caps.
All yet people tell me, see the great job so and so did.
I never tell them what wrong, just smile and go on.

The art of letterpress typesetting, taught skill craftsmen the layout of a page and it over look of the page.

Now, of days, it all Times Roman, because the person only how to use the computer program word etc.

Thank you everyone, I just an old bored man, that layout out newspaper pages now on a computer in InDesign in less than 10 minutes.

It gets the job done, but the fun is gone!

This makes me so sad!

If it makes you feel better, I ordered Linotype from A Mano Press a couple of months ago for wedding invitations I did.
And it is really cool to hold a line! Especially if you have experience spilling a composing stick of 10pt.!

…helps a little :-)

And not all of us who run hot lead machines are old! Yet.

The piece I posted this evening relating to a possible market for line-casted borders is relevant to this thread. —Bill