Klunking sound in my Heidelberg windmill

I just received my first Windmill, a 10 X 15, I noticed that when on impression and the press is opening about 1/4 the way there is a fairly loude KLUNK. This only seamsw to happen when on impression. I have not put rollers or a chase in the press yet just feeding paper. Does anyone out there have any expierance with this problem? any ideas what it could be? any help will be greatly appreicated. Thank You!

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let me have a look at my own in the morning and just check on something before i lead you to it , but first thought is the base of the machine full of crap ???? Is the sound audible on the opening or closing stroke ?

The Klunking sound is in the opening after impression. I will check for crap in the inside, thanks!

Is your side lay operating ie If you operate the lay mechanism does the side lay go up and retract or does it stay up ? if it stays up have a look at the tip of your gripper and see if the lay has been snagging it , the lay should retract as the platen begins to open but if not free through lack of oil it can clip the gripper tip at the cut away and make a peculiar noise . alternatively check your Impression collar ,set the press up and take a pull you should get points of obvious contact pretty well all over with the impression ring reading at zero if you are winding it up as high as two and not getting a great deal of difference in the overall appearance on the sheet have a look at the collar at the rear of the machine. sometimes the
centre bolt will be slack you need to replace the shear collar inside the plate . The bolts may all still be tight that doesnt always mean the collar has not blown .