leftover part help please!

Ok stop laughing now!!!! :-)

Well we have most of my new Challenge Gordon press back together and it turns over perfectly. On problem, we have this leftover part and we have no idea where it goes!!!! Feeling fairly stupid at the moment and hope someone here can help identify it. I can’t find it on any of the C & P part lists that I have. Suggestions?????
THANK YOU to all who respond!
p.s. I have not been able to stop laughing since I realized we had this part left over!

image: Photo 52.jpg

Photo 52.jpg

image: Photo 54.jpg

Photo 54.jpg

image: Photo 53.jpg

Photo 53.jpg

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OOps one more image….

image: Photo 55.jpg

Photo 55.jpg

More photos

image: Photo 56.jpg

Photo 56.jpg

image: Photo 57.jpg

Photo 57.jpg

Do what i do, i have a box full of leftover parts, i figure some day i’ll have enough to build another press.

It looks like it might have been clamped on a linkage and operated something like a counter or a part of a feeder. It does not look like it’s integral to the press handfed operation. If it isn’t related to your gripper mechanism, which I doubt, I would put it in the spare parts box as DickG suggested.


Well the gripper is installed, with a sprig that attaches to the rocker base for the platen, and that works well. There is an odd piece that is shown in this photo. It serves as a roller base for something that is attached to the grippers also. When the flywheel is turned, a roller attached to the grippers rolls down and back up the back part of this curved piece shown here.

I have been wondering if the part we have found is part of the ink fountain, which the immediate previous owner did not use. I have it out in the garage and will check tomorrow.

Thanks for responding! If anyone else knows exactly what this is, please let me know!

image: Trottier press.jpg

Trottier press.jpg

It could well have been part of the ink fountain advance mechanism, with a rod between it and an arm on the fountain with a pawl engaging the toothed wheel that turns the fountain roll. If you have the rest of the fountain you’re good to go!


It looks like the bottom of a pony fountain. The pointed screw was for adjusting the amount of ink flow.

I have the ink fountain, but no earthly idea of how to attach it. This may be part of it. Once I have this beautiful press up and running I will see about that. Another friend has suggested it might be a mechanism to hold a counter of sorts for this press. I am going to email photos to my friends at The Museum of Printing in North Andover and see what they come up with.
Thanks for all the suggestions!

Is the fountain a full-width or “pony” (short)? Fountains were typically mounted to a special bracket on the top of the press, but the two types would use different brackets.


Hi Bob
We have been without power here in Deep River for several hours, and I am just now seeing your email. I will check tomorrow. I think the fountain is full size for this press.

I just finished oiling the press. WOW does this machine turn smoothly. Amazing. I CAN HARDLY WAIT to get the ink disk cleaned and mounted, and then the rollers, and to adjust the platen. It is not quite touching the bed of the press. I think when we dismantled it we might have given the adjusting bolts a turn. However, not concerned about this. Will go at it carefully tomorrow.
Thanks again for all the help!