Painting question

Hi everyone,

Just entering the printing world this week!

My first project - I bought a Challenge 193 paper cutter. It was in very good shape but the paint was kind of ugly. Also it was peeling, uneven, and it was covering up serial numbers. It also made the bolts look ugly

Anyway —

I began to strip the paint using citristrip. It got the ugly paint off rather easily. Under the ugly paint is a dark green paint. It is very sticky and tacky. I am not going to remove this because I’m afraid it has lead in it. Will I be ok painting over this? Will it stick?

One more question. I am hoping to not disassemble the cutter because I not handy. Any tips on painting in the tight crevices - especially where parts move? I am thinking I should paint then keep moving it for an hour while it dries??

Thanks in advance for the replies.

- Gene

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so if anyone reads this in the future, I figured it out…the green tacky “paint” is actually just putty / filler that was under the paint. so the project continues! :)

Clean the surface well with a quick-drying solvent to get dust and oils off before painting.

Mask any areas which slide against each other so they do not get painted. You might be able to coat the surfaces with petroleum jelly which you can then just wipe off after the paint is dry.

Make certain you don’t get any of the masking material in the areas you hope to paint, however.