Tabletop CNC Router

I’ve been thinking about including a Tabletop CNC Router to my shop for carving images and wood type. This will be for personal use only not for commercial production.

Another router I looked, Milescraft 1298 3D-Pantograph Router. Anyone have experience with this product?

I’m currently carving linocuts for images, type, decorations, etc… However, I would appreciate any advice on products you use or have knowledge of that is precise and cost effective.

Thanks for any advice,

Inky Lips Letterpress

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Hi Casey,

What is the advantage of this method over using your A2 to make large photopolymer plates?

Good question. I’ve carved about a hundred linocuts of all sizes from business card to 18 x 24. Occasionally I’ll need an ornament, image for a poster project or a unique letterform which I carve. It’s sometimes is not manageable to include photopolymer into the form when using wood type and other linocuts. I have 4 bases all are 12” x 18” - 18” x 24” wide. In order to get a smaller element into the form I’ll need a smaller base. However, I’ve found photopolymer will mount onto a linoleum block with little padding.

I would like to cut a font someday and just the curiosity of creating something by hand really intrigues the designer/letterpress artist in me.