Kelsey 6x10- Need help please!!!

Hello Briar Press world!!!
I need some help! I found a Kelsey 6x10 tabletop press for $900 and I am about to make a 6 hour drive to go get it… but first a few questions.
#1- Is this a good deal?? I have posted some pictures of it below.
#2- The the gripper bar is frozen and the gripper spring is missing. What does this mean??
Please, someone help a novice letterpresses out.
I have been taking classes at a local museum for the past year and I am ready to have a press of my own that I can experiment with. I really want to make sure I am not getting taken advantage of and that the press will work when I do get it.
Thank you for your help!

image: 5V35O55R43p83oa3l1bc9c5cf3d92730011cd.jpg


image: 5O55T35W33nc3kb3oebc9d7faa6fe94a01c21.jpg


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This is a good price considering what restored presses of this type are going for. The gripper can probably be “unfrozen” and the spring can be replaced. Make sure you have all other parts and there are no cracks or at least nothing that cannot be repaired. [Chase, rollers, trucks] Everything should move smoothly, check the wear on the “teeth” of the ink disk.
Good Luck!

Gripper bar holds the fingers that are missing but still available, you can use compensation pins to hold paper I find it easer for fast operation. Price is what it is worth to you, shipping is tuff on that size so it holds price down a little. looks ready to go with a oiling and cleaning keep oil off top of ink disk. do not force it, get everything to move freely. Look for any brakes in casting, hook arms brake easy in shipping remove disk and chase to lighten up a little. It is at least 60 years old. It is a good press not designed for a real deep inpression.