Spare parts?


So I have just spent the afternoon putting back together my press (with the help of my husband)…. We have 3 spare parts that I can’t figure out what/where they go. We haven’t gotten the motor all set up and ready to go so i’m thinking maybe they go with it… but here are some pictures if anyone can help me out…..

image: PC070129.jpg


image: PC070130.jpg


image: PC070131.jpg


image: PC070136.jpg


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I can’t tell you about the other two parts but the bottom part, with the wood, looks like the back stop to my Lassco Spinnit drill. The wood attaches to the table vertically and the metal stop on the left is rotated down and held by the adjustable metal wheels. This gives you multiple distances with one side stop. Have fun and good luck.

In the third pic of post, you can see the your two top pic of the threaded rod holder that extends down from the outside rear on the motor side. That threaded rod then extends down to the bed upon which the motor is mounted.

Something is missing from the reassembly. See the rocker lock, the piece now hanging in front at ankle level? That should swing up and be held there by a rod, I think with a spring around it. The rod would run between the hole on the left of the rocker lock and the corresponding hole on the upper inside of the frame. This piece locks the platen into correct position when on impression. Without it the rocker arm would take all the strain, something it isn’t built to do.

P-I, you are so right. It looks to me that the rocker is on backwards. Needs to rotate 180 so the stops can meet with the frame when it goes on impression. The rocker lock is upside down too.

I don’t think the rocker lock is on backwards, just hanging loose. The holes for the connecting rod are both on the left.
It’s been a long time since I had a C&P to look at, but I think the rod was retained by a cotter pin, at one end at least.

You are right again. The rocker lock is on wrong and the spring and rod should go through the small hole on the left and secure with a wing nut. The rocker lock spring is the strongest one on the press so be careful. The rocker is not on backwards. I am not used to seeing it this way but I just compared it to the one I have.