Ink and temperature

Hi all, what is the best brand of ink to use that spreads nicely in lower temperatures?


What is the lowest temperature one can print at spreading ink nicely over form. While printing yesterday at 50 degrees, my ink was pebbly in texture and wasn’t adhering to the metal block like it does in warmer temps, it was frustrating.

I have read that other people put a candle under their ink disc to warm it up, but I am wary of damaging it in some way, since mine is so old and am sure would be virtually irreplaceable.


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Bring your ink and rollers in the house at night, i keep my shop at 55 al the time, when i print in the winter i sometimes run an electric heater close to the press to warm it up a bit.

I tried using a heater about an hour prior to inking, but the garage its in was too big I guess to do much good. I turned it off bcs I figured it would dry out the ink faster.

I believe ink becomes less and less happy the more the temperature is below 60F.
I have an 18 foot high ceiling in my unheated industrial space shop. In the winter I put up a very humble wooden frame around the press and type setting station. The frame is about 6 x 8’. I cover this with plastic sheeting. Then a good part of the heat from the electric heater stays inside and the ink and I am sufficiently warm. It looksa bit crude, but who cares.

The ink and I are sufficiently warm