Replacing print blocks

In my hurried stupidity, I cracked a small print block and smashed a small area of another via the gripper finger being too close. As far as I know I didn’t damage the press itself, BUT I would like to replace the two blocks……fortunately I have two good proof images of both to work from.

I know there are places who recast metal blocks and mount them on wood…does anyone know of a good place to have this done that you can recommend. Thanks!

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I’m not sure what size your blocks are but, I had received a case of 72 point Washington Text that had no upper case T’s. I sent a hard copy to Owasso in Michigan and they made a block with 4 of them. I had them cut apart and they work just fine. It was copper mounted on wood. Just as a suggestion.

Who is Owasso in Michigan? Where can they be found? Google is so infinite…