c&p old style… broken foot brake (disengaged)

hello all, thanks in advance.

i’ve found a c&p that’s in relatively good order. one thing—broken foot… well it’s disengaged. what do you think this means? what questions should I ask? honestly, i even need to know what the foot brake is for—obviously to stop. but, how often is this used? just at the end of the run? hypothetically, if you turned off the motor, wouldn’t it stop?!

thanks for not laughing (or telling me you’re laughing) and my confusion! hope y’all had a great holiday. can’t believe it’s almost 2012!

thanks, e

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Yes, the press is quite usable without a foot brake. But perhaps if all parts are there it oculd be brazed or fixed for future use. The foot brake is handy if running with a motor and doing lots of copy changes or that sort of thing.

Many presses used for short run production are run at such slow speeds that the brake is hardly to be considered a necessity.

J Henry

i’ve owned 8 or 10 c&p’s over the years, the one i now have is the first one to have a brake.

Is that the one from Phoenix? If it is, the roller frame has a crack that runs all the way around. You might want to ask for pics of it.

thanks all. glad i wasn’t too of base!

@tkosaka. it IS the one in phoenix. have you seen it. I have pics—where’s the crack… ugh! i was feeling so good about this one… give it to me straight!

Is this the crack?

image: crack?Picture 8.jpg

crack?Picture 8.jpg

yup, that’s the crack!

deal breaker?!

In my very limited knowledge that’s not a good place for a crack

Yes and No. I guess it’s not broken, but it seems inevitable that it will break. So at the current price, yes, dealbreaker. Maybe for significantly less, or if you have a roller frame, then get it.

I just wasn’t sure what else could be broken because even the fountain bracket screw head is cracked. I found it shady that they didn’t even mention the crack in the listing or even when I asked if there was anything beside the motor and foot brake that was broken. Only when I pointed it out, did they mention it was a crack.

yes, tkosaka… i’m surprised they didn’t mention either. the more i think about it the less interested i am…

thank you for the info. thank you thank you!