Typewriter MT?

This is a 12 pt sample and all I have are lc sorts. I inherited the case from someone else and what it’s wroth, there was a printed slip of paper in the case “Old Casalon”. Thanks.

image: 12-31-11a copy 2.jpg

12-31-11a copy 2.jpg

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An old letterpress printer i knew told me that when they printed a letter in typewriter type they would stretch a nylon stocking across the grippers and print the type thru the stocking to give it the effect of a typewriter ribbon, never tried it myself but its a good trick to know i guess.

Friedrich Bauers »Handbuch für Buchdrucker« (translated “Handbook for Letterpress-Pinters”, Klimsch 1942—a great ressource for letterpress printing!) also got an abstract about imitating typewriter-text by placing a silk-cloth over the form and fixing it with a bit of lineseed-varnish and a braier. Printing would be best done by using usual typewriter-ink.


Am I correct that this is Typewriter MT? Thanks - Neil


I’ve never heard of Typewriter MT.

The most common typewriter face offered in metal was Bulletin Typewriter from ATF. Your face is not it. Mac McGrew mentions that there were “scores of such faces” made is small (10 and 12 pt.) sizes. Monotype’s version was Remington Typewriter. A lot of the other variations tried to look identicle to the various typewriter fonts made by the specific different manufacturers.

Good luck nailing down your specific face.