ITC Century?

I only have lower case in this font but believe it is TIC Century. Can anyone please confirm? Thanks.

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I suggest that you might want to purchase a copy of American Metal Typefaces of the Twentieth Century by Mac McGrew, published by Oak Knoll Press. It is a marvelous resource with which to identify almost all of the 20th century typefaces cast that were available before film and computer setting in this country. It has a lot of info about type designers and notations about related typefaces.


Great answers by Devils Tail and JHenry.

Just to elaborate a little of JHenry’s reply, ITC (International Typeface Corporation) redesigned a lot of existing faces and added ITC to the beginning of the name (ITC Century, ITC Garamond, etc). In almost all cases increasing the x-height of the lowercase, thereby optically shortening the ascenders and descenders. This was quite the vogue in the 70’s when ITC was licensing faces for photocomposition.


Book has been ordered - thanks Paul and thanks Rick as well. Neil