C&P with no roller “arms” or supports

A friend who used to be an offset printer cleaned out a print shop some 20 years ago and his barn is a (sort of) treasure chest which I will be exploring in the days to come.

Among other things, he has a C&P 12 x 15 tucked in a corner so it was difficult to see much, but quite noticeable is that the form is still locked up with a perforating rule, quoins and all. And, he tells me that’s what the press was used - only perforating so it may very well have never been used for printing and the rollers disappeared long ago. The flywheel moves rather easily and there is, very little, if any rust on the press.

My question of course revoles around whether this is worth pursuing and it will mean rollers, etc. But, are “arms” or whatever the roller supports are called easily available? And, the press is clearly marked “Chandler and Price” and on the following line “Cleveland, Ohio”. Where would the serial number or model plate be on such a press and perhaps I can get around it to see and find out more about its origin?

Thanks for all the good help people offer new folks like me. Neil

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this should either be a 12-18 or 10-15. if this is bare die cutter, you have a lot of parts to find.better to find another of same size that has a bad frame then change the whole bed.

your serial no. on a c&p is in the upper left corner of the bed, you need to remove the chase because its just behind it. As far as a press with no roller arms, it would be easier to find another complete press than to find all the parts to fix it up. with no roller arms the press can be used for die cutting, scoring or perforating, or you could put a foiling unit on it and do foil stamping and embossing, but foiling units are hard to find and they are expensive.

Thanks to all. Neil