Need help with ID of Peerless Letterpress

We have a Peerless 10x15 Platen Letterpress believed to have been made in Palmyra, New York and was hoping to get some help on year, make, and model.

Please see pictures.

No idea what year it is or how rare it is. We would like to sell it but trying to gather some info on it. Can’t find anything comparable to it.

It is in very good condition, runs very smooth and is complete, except for the treadle (foot peddle), but includes a composing stick, wooden furniture, quoins, chase (3), and about 180 lbs of lead letterpress type and spacing.

We have no paper work or documentation.
No serial numbers found, including on the platen as suggested on other posts.


image: rear.JPG


image: lft front.JPG

lft front.JPG

image: lft side.JPG

lft side.JPG

image: lft rear.JPG

lft rear.JPG

image: rt front.JPG

rt front.JPG

image: rt side.JPG

rt side.JPG

image: rt rear.JPG

rt rear.JPG

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The Peerless press was made by the Globe Manufacturing Co. of Palmyra, NY, from 1875 to ca. 1891 (? not sure of latter date.) The Peerless-Gordon press was made by the Peerless Printing Press Co., Palmyra, NY, from 1891 to 1900. I can’t read the press nameplate well enough to distinguish which yours is. It’s neither rare nor common — It looks like a good press in good condition - except for the missing treadle. It would have to be used with a motor to run it.

My information leads me to believe that your press is the Peerless. I think a treadle could be made for the press if someone wanted to operate it that way and a correct treadle could not be found. Although a clamshell-style press they seem to have been fairly popular and durable. I don’t think Jones put serial numbers on the presses he made. If you have the chase, what size is it (inside measurements)?


I think I actually own this press now - just bought it from a printer (nicest guy ever) in northern PA. I plan on completely rehabbing it and look forward to years of use. I could tell it was the same because of the wood it’s bolted to and also the welded on handgrip - identical to the press I just bought not two days ago.