A visit to M&H Type

I was in San Francisco last week and visited M&H Type. I took a photo of the casting room crew and it is on my flickr site at:


With me was Eric Holub who is a former M&H employee who now runs the Hillside Press, a mostly letterpress affair in San Francisco. One of the types being cast last Wednesday was Lombardic Caps and that sort of brought me full circle. My first purchase from M&H was the same type face as a teenager back about 1956. For a while in the 1960s I was buying Monotype composition from M&H for the printing company I worked for, and we were about 2 blocks from their plant. They set the Greyhound bus schedules that we printed offset. I try to set aside time for a visit to M&H every time I’m back in the Bay Area.


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Hey Fritz,

Next time you’re in the bay area, let me buy you lunch. Those were my 30pt Lombardic alts that Mark was casting… I bought the 30pt Goudy Text in December. I picked them up earlier this week and they’re safely tucked away in my type cases now. :)


Alan Dye