Can anyone tell me if I have 100’s/1000’s of these kinda letters if they are worth any money and if so where can I sell at a good price and right place? Thanks please feel free to call or txt too - Matt 585-880-7130

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If you print a line of something like an invitation with this and post that with your enquiry youll sell that easy ,it looks like what iknow as brush script monotype did a font like it .
I would take it if you werent the wrong side of the water !

Right now, you have expensive paper weights or a door-stop. You need to let people know what it is they are looking at. Is your set complete, how many upper case A’s and how many lower case ones, does it include punctuation and numbers as well. Are they type high? Do you have the spaces with them… many questions you need to address before anybody will take any kind of serious interest… think about it, lets shell out tons of money for whats pictured?… PASS!

If you do the work EBAY is a good outlet to sell them. Briarpress is a great outlet to get them to somebody that will use and appreciate them, but will take longer to sell.

It would take me DAYS to go through and count what I have I have thousands and thousands just laying in drawers…. I just wanted to know if any value…thanks for the replies …Matt


I just had a quote from a london outlet for script in 18 pt I think it was 5 uppers A and Ten or twenty lower A £140. I have no means to cast the font i need but i aint paying that for it !

Hi Matt,

The type looks like it’s in pretty good condition.You say it’s in “drawers,” which are actually known as “type cases.” Are the cases laid out like this? If so, then — for each case — here’s what would give a printer a good idea of what you have:

— A high-resolution closeup of a sample of letters, arranged alongside a ruler marked off in 32nds of an inch so we know the size of the letters. You should include a lowercase m and an uppercase H, since these often have identifying numbers stamped on the top. If there are any “pin marks” on the side of the letters, it would be helpful to see those, too. These are often a circle, sometimes with the foundry’s initials or some kind of logo. A shot of the bottom or “foot” of a piece would be nice, too.

— A good-quality photo of the entire case. You should check to make sure that each compartment in each case contains the same characters. Sometimes things get mixed up.

You may find someone located within a reasonable driving distance who would take the type in the cases. This would be the easiest way to sell it. If you need to ship it, the easiest way to pack it would be to arrange it in jewelry boxes so that it doesn’t wiggle around at all, as in the photo below. Some sellers put the type in separate ziploc bags, but I wouldn’t buy it that way since it’s made of soft metal than can easily be damaged.

That said, you should look through the completed eBay listings for “letterpress type” to get an idea of the range of prices.


image: Type in jewelry box.jpg

Type in jewelry box.jpg