Looking for Wash up attachment - Windmill

Just picked up a Black Ball 10x15 Windmill. Basically the press runs but needs alot of cleaning and adjustments. First thing I noticed is that the entire wash-up unit is missing and with all the searching I’ve done I cant find one. Id rather not buy a new one just a good used one. Ebay ad Craigslist is no help. Any Ideas?

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i run windmills daily and haven’t used a washup unit in years, i like washing up by hand better.

I may have one left in the pile but not promising ,only just earmarked one for another briar member but bear with me and i will look for you in the next few days will put you a price personally or on the site its up to you ,is the locating channel on the machine or has that been stripped off too

The location channel is still there. That would be great of U had one. Thanks for the response.
I know I could wash up be hand - Im old and lazy!!! HA HA

You still have to wipe over after but you have less mess is all you may need to have a new blade inserted which i can deal with this end on your behalf as i have arranged for others but its not particularly cheap however i dont add in any cost for fitting its only a few bolts . i will come back to you , i am only slow on getting the payment arrangement done as i am suspicious of paypal at present (see you tube ) .


I get them from senior blade not with unit £30.00
If im shipping the unit may as well supply the blade with as it will need doing ahy way . i know that will be plus postage from senior at £15.00 its expensive as hell for some reason ,i cant control that or wire transfer etc but i will try to drop a few bits in to take the sting out of the costs .