Trucks are rolling, rollers are not…help?

I have a Kelsey 6x10 Victor with a side arm. It has the single roller arm, not sure what the technical term is for that…but it does not have hooks.

I just got new rollers. The old rollers had trucks that were locked to the roller cores and nothing would rotate, the trucks would slide along the rail, not rotating.

With the new rollers, the trucks are not locked. The trucks rotate just fine along the rails but the rollers do not rotate at all…they stay stationary in the roller arm.

Any solutions or advice?

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will the steel cores turn freely in the saddles, is there paint on them or bad casting they can be cleaned up with a dremel tool and smallest sanding drum. and are the arms square to one another not bent or twisted.
I think that style may need a roller with a smaller steel core.

The saddles…which I’m assuming are the part that the ends of the roller sit in (newbie here) were lined with tape. I barely even saw it. I took the tape off and that partially solved the problem. The rollers mostly rotate as they should but sometimes get stuck and just glide without rotating.

Thanks, that was helpful!

Any further suggestions to make thing run a little smoother?

sometimes if the rollers aren’t keyed to the trucks the rollers will slide and not roll, you can lay a piece of string over the end of the roller and force the truck on the shaft, this will help to keep the rollers to turn with the trucks.