Cost of Paper

I was wondering if it was cheaper to buy paper in larger sizes, then having it cut, or just buying pre-cut papers.

Is this a good site to purchase the paper?
^ If I choose to buy full size sheets, they charge $20 cutting fee or $12.50 oversized shipping fee.

Are there any other websites that are cheaper?

Also, what do you recommend to use for paper for letterpress. Is Savoy a good brand to work with?


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In general, it’s cheaper to get larger parent sheets and cut them down, but if you can’t do that yourself, then you’ll likely end up paying for it and, ahem, cutting into your savings. Maybe try to find a nice local offset printer and become friends so he’ll cut down your sheets for you? I had a donuts and coffee deal with someone until I got my guillotine working. It’s always worth asking. You can do the math easily enough – price out smaller sheets vs. larger sheets and see what the cost per unit (i.e. your final size sheet) is.

Savoy is a good letterpress paper. Crane’s Lettra is another go-to stock for most. If you’re going for crazy deep impression, you’ll want a softer, pure cotton paper.

Alrighty, thank you!

This is a great place to buy paper and they cut it down for a reasonable charge.