Linotype to movie premiers in NYC

Thought many would enjoy…


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Our American Printing History Association chapter (Chesapeake) had the opportunity to view the film this past Wednesday, February 8 at the Government Printing Office in Washington, DC and to have a good question & answer with director, Doug Wilson.

It is quite well done. I, for one, was impressed.

It is in Baltimore MD. tonight…but sold out. Full schedule available on the website. It makes another swing in May…I’ll be there! -Clay

I managed to catch the premier in NYC at the SVA theatre- learned a lot about these fascinating machines, and was happy to see the director did such a great job of depicting not only the mechanical interest here- of which there is plenty- but also telling the story of the human interest; being the story of the inventor, with some true credit to his name, as well as the impact of the linotype on education/society at large, and the story of the people who used them to do so.

I’m very happy to have seen it….