What tha press?!

Hi there,
ive recently purchased two presses from someone who hadnt used them in 10 year. needless to say, they are a bit rusty and grimy, but nothing a good clean wont fix.

i bought a heidelberg platen and the other is a chinese hand-fed. The chinese hand-fed is obviously not a well know press, so im worried i wont be able to find replacement rollers/trucks etc. Can anyone point me in the right direction? is it just easier to get the rollers re-surfaced?

im a complete newbie, any help is fantastic help! ill try and get a picture of the label to upload also if that helps.


image: photo[1].jpg


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It is almost always cheaper and easier to re-surface the rollers, as new cores wont have to be obtained/made up.
Diamond Roller might still be in business, and there are plenty of other people (some even on this forum) who are able to make some new rollers for you.

Do you already have a set of rollers and trucks to go with them?

Actually a quick search tells me that they may be out of business.

i do have a set of rollers and trucks, they are a bit dusty but look as if they are still in good condition. just need a clean.

im in australia, so im hoping i can find somewhere here to save the shipping fees! letterpress life would be so much easier if i lived in the US!

You could try Rotadyne, they are world wide.